Cabernet Franc


This international variety of vine with black berry is not well known in the world.

Arrived in Friuli at the beginning of 1800, among the types of Cabernet it is the most widespread and appreciated especially in this region for its marked grassy note.

GRAPES:100% Cabernet Franc
VINIFICATION:maceration on the skins for 5 days, fermentation at controlled temperature. Soft pressing
TRAINING SYSTEM:guyot, cappuccina
COLOUR:ruby red tending to violet. If it is aged, it tends to garnet red
FRAGRANCE:the initial impression releases fruity sensations which remind fruits with red berry as cherry, blackberry, currant. They intertwine to veiled scents which remind green pepper.
TASTE:it is a wine full of acidity and tannin. Its characteristic grassy note expresses itself best when the wine is very young
MATCHES WITH FOODS:it is typical to find it in the Friulian taverns as alternative to the classic “Tajut di rosso” (glass of red wine)all along it is the red wine of Friuli, in fact it is classic to drink it in the traditional Friulian taverns asking for “un Tajut di rosso” (“a red wine glass”). It is recommended for the whole meal and it pairs well with roasts and game
SERVE AT:Serve at 18° C