This international variety of vine with black berry was introduced in Italy at the end of 1800.

In Friuli Venezia Giulia it has certainly found its land of election: it is the fixed point of the Friulian oenology and it is the most widespread variety of vine with black berry in this region, even if it is not autochthonous.

GRAPES:100% merlot.
VINIFICATION:maceration on the skins for 5 days, fermentation at controlled temperature. Soft pressing
COLOUR:load ruby red, intense and lively. If it is aged, it tends to garnet red
FRAGRANCE:characteristic, intense, winy, with floral notes which reminds black cherry, raspberry and blueberry. When it ages, the bouquet enhances with spicy notes
TASTE:structured, savoury and easy at the same time, easy drinking and fluid. When it ages it refines acquiring complexity
MATCHES WITH FOODS:all along it is the red wine of Friuli, in fact it is classic to drink it in the traditional Friulian taverns asking for “un Tajut di rosso” (a glass of red wine). It is recommended for the whole meal, especially for people who like red wine. Furthermore it is ideal with second courses of meat, roast and poultry
SERVE AT:Serve at about 18° C