Moscato Giallo


It is a variety of vine with white berry. Its origins are not well known, but certainly it is very ancient because many past compositions refer to its existence.

Since Roman times it was spread in almost all of the coasts of the empire and therefore also in Italy.As Pinot or Refosco, Moscato giallo belongs to a big family and it is the most suitable in these hills.

GRAPES:100% Moscato Giallo
VINIFICATION:white wine making with soft pressing and fermentation at controlled temperature
COLOUR:straw yellow not very intense
FRAGRANCE:aromatic, intense, pleasant. It recalls uniquely the fragrance of the original grape which is perceptible in the vineyard during the ripening thanks to a remarkable terpenic patrimony present on the skin
TASTE:sweet wine, remarkable, complete, well structured, with a great balance and an excellent aromatic background
MATCHES WITH:this typical dessert wine pairs well with dry confectionery, as biscuits or tarts. It is interesting the match with hard cheese
SERVE AT:10-12 °C