Pinot Grigio


This international variety of vine with white berry has got very ancient origins, in fact his traces date back to the Roman age.

It is certainly the “Made in Friuli” international wine: it is the most produced in the region and the most famous in the world, especially in the United States.

GRAPES:100% pinot grigio.
VINIFICATION:the brief maceration on the skins at low temperature gives a copper note to the colour. Soft pressing and fermentation at controlled temperature
TRAINING SYSTEM:guyot, cappuccina
COLOUR:straw yellow with possible copper reflections
FRAGRANCE:fruity and fragrant. It reminds the bread crust and the intense perfume of the acacia flowers and of the ripe tropical fruits
TASTE:aromatic wine with dry flavour, full-bodied, without sagging
MATCHES WITH FOODS:it is ideal as aperitif and it is great with lean starters, first courses with pasta, soups, risotto and fish dishes. Furthermore it is great with white meat and grilled vegetables. The match with pizza can be hazarded. Therefore it is a wine for all occasions
SERVE AT:10-12 °C