Ribolla Gialla


This autochthonous variety of vine with white berry is known already since 1300.

The name derives from the Slovene “Rebula”, which in the Friulian dialect has become “Ribuele”. At the begging of the last century, during the Austria-Hungarian Empire, the sweet filtrates of this wine were very appreciated and esteemed, especially in the leisure classes.

Ribolla owes almost certainly its name to the high content of malic acidity, which in the past brought the wine to “ferment” (“ribollire” in Italian) in the demijohns.

GRAPES:100% Ribolla Gialla
VINIFICATION:white wine making with soft pressing and fermentation at controlled temperature
TRAINING SYSTEM:guyot, cappuccina
COLOUR:light straw yellow with light greenish reflections
FRAGRANCE:resh notes of wild flowers and ripe fruit as the apple
TASTE:this dry wine has got a great taste. It is fresh, lively and it is composed by a good acidity and mineral taste
MATCHES WITH FOODS:it is fit for an aperitif and it pairs well with cold fish starters, particularly with molluscs, soups and crème soups, or with batter-fried vegetables
SERVE AT:10-12 °C