Ribolla Gialla Sparkling Wine


All began in 1600 with Don Perignon and Champagne, but at the beginning of 1900 it was invented an easier and faster  method which produces fresh wines, ready to be drunk, with typical aromas of the variety of vine.

This process is called “Charmat process”, in which the sparkling process takes place according to a second fermentation (“prise de mousse”) in steel autoclaves for 90 days, obtaining in this way an extra dry Ribolla gialla with a sugar residue of 16 g/L.

GRAPES:100% Ribolla gialla.
VINIFICATION:Charmat process.
TRAINING SYSTEM:guyot, cappuccina
COLOUR:bright straw yellow with greenish reflections. The perlage, important to sight, is fine and persistent.
FRAGRANCE:delicate with complex floral and fruity notes which remind fresh flowers and fruits as peach and grapefruit. It has got a long aromatic persistence.
TASTE:it is fresh and fragrant. It has got good acidity, structure and citrus shades.
MATCHES WITH FOODS:it is a wine for every occasion. It is great as aperitif and it is ideal with starters, fish dishes and molluscs.