Verduzzo Friulano


This autochthonous variety of vine with white berry is known also with the dialectal word “Verduz”.

It is largely widespread in all Friuli and it provides better results in the hill area thanks to its climate qualities. Verduzzo has been present in these lands for centuries: there are documents and historical essays from ‘400 that prove that this wine gladdened the banquets of aristocrats, priests and even popes.

It was very useful as support to Picolit, in fact in the past the technicians recommended to plant the vines of  “yellow” Verduzzo Friulano alternated with those of Picolit. This method contributed to the better fruit setting of Picolit.

GRAPES:100% verduzzo friulano
VINIFICATION:the brief maceration on the skins at low temperature gives a golden note to the colour. Soft pressing and fermentation at controlled temperature
TRAINING SYSTEM:guyot, cappuccina.
COLOUR:golden yellow, also intense
FRAGRANCE:characteristic, intense, pleasant. It reminds floral notes as acacia flowers and vanilla, but also fruity notes as pear, apple and apricot
TASTE:sweet wine, full-bodied, robust, rather alcoholic, with tannic shades
MATCHES WITH FOODS:this dessert wine pairs well with all confectionery. It is interesting the match with a particular dish: homemade pumpkin gnocchi with smoked ricotta and melted butter. It is rigorously to avoid with first and second courses in general